Our portfolio includes:

  • Hydraulic cylinders that use the force of fluid pressure to convert the supplied energy into mechanical force. Actuators are indispensable components of many machines. When making installations, we use state-of-the-art high-pressure systems, such as: “Parker” EO2-FORM and “Eaton” Walform.
  • Power units are power hydraulics devices used in various industrial machines containing hydraulic receivers, such as the above-mentioned actuators and hydraulic motors. Also in this case, the power is supplied via the working fluid – hydraulic oil under appropriate pressure.
  • Control cabinets are a proven way to properly arrange complex and varied apparatus and electrical, electromechanical, electronic, programmable and pneumatic devices.

When designing power hydraulics, we provide advice and always prepare professional as-built documentation for you. This type of documentation allows you to accurately trace and understand any differences between the design assumptions and the final technical specification of a given system or device.

Why are there such differences?

An experienced team of engineers works and creates machines based on the latest technological knowledge currently available on the market. This results in failure-free operation and optimisation of the operation of devices created by MS Hydro.

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