At the stage of establishing the cooperation, we can offer our own technical specification and design. Our offering will always take into account the individual technical expectations, needs and budget of our clients. The ability to combine the practical knowledge of our employees and the professional use of specialised computer programs results in the design of devices of even the highest degree of complexity and innovative prototypes that allow you to optimise the production process, and thus to generate greater profits.

Designing devices is always carried out using the latest technical knowledge. We keep an eye on the industry development and always offer the best. In addition to the implementation of the customer’s technical specification, we provide support by our engineers, we can offer our own know-how and you can always count on as-built documentation. All of the above is to make sure that the designed solution fulfils its intended purpose, the customer could take full advantage of the technological possibilities and know exactly how the device works and why certain solutions were used in its construction. Once the device is constructed, we always install and commission it fully at the customer’s site. Thanks to the precise designs, high-quality execution and deep knowledge of structures created in this way, we are able to offer excellent quality service and technical support for the devices designed and created by our team.

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